General Questions:

How can I Subscribe to Newsletter?

You can sign up for our Newsletter through our website in three different ways. One, enter your Email Address in the Newsletter Sign Up Pop-up panel (Join The Wilcox Family) and click on Subscribe button. Two, Top right corner: Press on the button Sign up! Three, Bottom of our website.  Sign up for secret sales, new releases, special offers, giveaways & more!

How can I Refer this Website to my Friends?

To Refer our website to your friends, enter your Friend's Email Address in our Newsletter Subscribe Panel. (Follow Above instructions)

How can I Refer your Products to my Friends?

To Refer our products to your friends, you need to click “Social Media Icons” link available under Product Detail page. On clicking this link, another page will appear where you must sign in to your social media page to be able to share. After entering all the required information, click on the ‘Share' button. Your friend will be referred to the product your shared on their social media.

How can I get latest Products?

We regularly keep on updating our website with the latest products and styles in fashion. You can find these products in various categories as well as in our Specials > New Arrivals section. For latest Jewelry Products and Designs, you can also browse our latest Featured Collections. In addition, Signing up to our Newsletter will keep you up to date.

How can I Search a Product?

To search your desired products, click on the 'SEARCH' Magnifying glasses icon at the top of the page or the Search Bar. On clicking, a small search component will appear which will accept your Keyword(s). You need to enter minimum 4 characters to search your choice of products and then click on 'Submit' button. This action will fetch your search results based on your Keyword(s). All the products that meet these specifications will be displayed to you in search result page.

How can I Contact you?

Our website provides various means of instant communication to our customers. You can click 'CONTACT US' link available at the top of our website and Contact Us page will appear. The Page of the Contact Us page provides a simple form to you for sending us your comments & feedback. Simply enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Subject along with your Message and click the 'Submit' button. Your Message will be emailed to us and you will also receive a confirmation email for the same. You will receive a reply within 1-2 business days. The Contact Us page also displays our Mail Address and our Phone Numbers for further communication. In addition, we value our customers, so we added a “Live Chat” feature to be able to talk to our customers and answer their concerns.

How can I create my Personal Account on your Website?

Creating an account on our website is a simple procedure and essentially requires your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address as it will be considered as your User Name. You can Create New Account by clicking on the ‘Login’ Icon available at the top of our website next to the “Shopping Cart” Icon and Sign In page will appear. On this page, you need to click 'Create New Account' button to get Registration Form. You need to enter all the required information in respective fields and click 'Create New Account' button to submit your account information. On successful creation of your account, a confirmation page will appear as well as you will get a confirmation email. After creation of your account, you will be able to access this account by entering your Email Address and Password information at Sign In page.

How can I change my Account's Password?

To change your Account Password, you need to Sign In into your Account. On signing in, you will get Update My Account page and you need to click 'Change Password' button at the bottom of this page. On Change Password page, you need to enter your Existing Password and your desired New Password. Once you will confirm your New Password by re-entering it and then click on the 'Change Password' button, your Account Password will be changed, and a confirmation page will appear. You will also receive a Password Change Confirmation email from our end.

What is Wish List? How can I create my own Wish List?

While browsing the products on our website, you may come across many products that you would like to purchase from us sometimes in future. Our website offers you the facility to store all these favorite products in your own Wish List for future reference. To create your own Wish List, you need to have an online account on our website. You have to sign in into your account to add products in your Shopping  Cart. After that, on browsing you can just click 'Add to Cart' link on the Product Display or Product Detail pages to add your favorite products to your Wish List.

How can I find Quality Loose Diamonds?

If you are looking for Quality Loose Diamonds, you can take our assistance to get best quality loose diamonds. You can visit our Diamonds section and click 'Request a Diamond' link. On clicking this link, a request form will appear where you can enter your desired diamond details. On submission of this form, you will get a confirmation on next page as well as an email containing details of your desired diamond. We usually take 3-5 business days to respond back your request. Our global reach allows us to locate rare and unusual diamonds in fancy shapes and fancy colors and we will be happy to find the perfect diamond for you.